About Us

EAVES ANGUS GENETICS (EAG) is a multi-generational family agricultural operation borne out of necessity. In the early 90’s commercial cattle roamed the pastures of EAG. A multitude of different breeds graced the pastures; however, the desire for a more consistent product prompted the complete switch to Angus bulls.

After the first calf crop, we knew the switch to Angus had been a wise decision. At that point we purchased our registered females, which served as a base for many of the cow families that now carry the EAG prefix. EAG has aggressively sought out top-quality animals from some of the most respected breeders throughout the country in the pursuit of building our view of the ideal cowherd.

This commitment to quality has allowed us to grow and given us the opportunity to share in the successes of the commercial cattlemen who continue to put their trust in us by repeatedly purchasing bulls. To this day we remain a family operation, with all aspects of the business performed by members of the family.